Keeping it Affordable

Great resources, time and efforts have been invested in producing Aikido3D 2.0. Nevertheless, we are committed to keeping it as affordable as possible for the benefit of Aikido enthusiasts throughout the world.

Special Introductory Offer:

• Current (V.1) users are eligible for a discounted price of the new version 2.0.

Buy both Volume One & Aiki Weapons -
get $10 / 7€ Off). (Use A3DBUNDLE2013)

* There is no need to have the original Aikido3D program installed in order to upgrade.

Still not sure?

Simple and Safe

Buying Aikido3D is simple and safe! For your convenience we support both Credit Cards and PayPal transactions - all under strictly secure transactions protocol, and we never keep any payment data!

Credit Card payments will show a charge for “Aikido3D” on your billing statement.

Returns: If you have not yet activated the program you may return it within 14 days.

Should you have any questions regarding the purchase process, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Buying Aikido3D

Select Aikido3D for your Mac or Windows computer: Qty. Price
Aiki Weapons - version 2 Jo &. Bokken solo and partner demonstrations
$54.99 / $64.99
Volume One - version 2 Over 100 techniques,from 5th through 1 st Kyu!
$54.99 / $64.99
Volume One - Upgrade from version 1 Over 100 techniques,from 5th through 1 st Kyu!
image description
$39.99 / $44.99
image description