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  • I'm glad I found and bought this application... I'm impressed! I'll look forward for the volumes to come... Congrats!
    Daniel Valcaneantu, Timisoara, Romania

  • aîkido3d est un logiciel très précis, je pratique depuis 1 an est aîkido3d me permet de réviser chez moi ce que j'ai appris en cour. merci à toute l'équipe de l'assistance technique pour leur sérieux et leur patience .
    dalmasso, saint germain laprade, haute-loire

  • While I study a different style of Aikido , I am very impressed with the product and would recommend it to anyone interested in Aikido.
    Dean drage, nimbin, australia

  • Plusieures années après avoir acheté cet excellent outil, j'ai changé de Mac.Hélas, le logiciel ne tournait plus sur mon nouvel ordinateur ! Il a suffit d'un mail à l'équipe d'Aïki3D pour qu'ils m'envoient un correctif gratuit ! Mon logiciel fonctionne donc à nouveau parfaitement et je suis très satisfait du service après vente même à plusieurs milliers de kilomètres de chez moi !
    Bonnici, Cannes, France

  • By far the best instructional tool I have found. With very little resources near to me for learning Aikido this is almost as good as live instruction. Multiple views and features such as footprints, with or without attacker, with or without instructional subtitles and more make this a must for any self-study practice. Well done.
    Michael Cooper, Castlegar, Canada

  • Hurray! sensei Donovan you did it. Thank you for making 3D instruction for weapons. Now I can order that and be proficient with my weapon tech .I just wish that there will be an Aikido instructor from your school to teach here in St.Petersburg , Florida. But for now I will relay on your 3D's. Till someone will show up and teach Aikido in our area. My only problem now is how to fall. Sensei, I have another request, can you make a complete 3D instructions of how to fall? I am hoping you can. Thank you sensei and May God Bless Your Work. Pete Dejesus St.Petersburg, Fl
    Pete A. DeJesus, kenneth city, USA

  • This application is awesome for beginners in aikido like me, to see the techniques like in real life
    Petrisor Sebastian, Targu Mures, Romania

  • Amazing app. It's a great tool for beginners. Suited info and well done graphics. Looking forward to supplements (volume two). Thanks a lot. Warm greetings, Ronald
    Ronald de Goede, Utrecht, Netherlands

  • This is a treasure box for any aikidoka I guess. For later versions; I hope we will see some anotomical animations like skeletal stress and nerval pressure of joint locks or muscular tension during the techniques... That would awesome for beginners like me :) Domo arigato gozaimashita.
    Ali Osman, Bilecik, Türkiye

  • Saludos cordiales a ustedes. Me parece hermosa la iniciativa del trabajo AIKIDO en 3 dimensiones por favor cuando este disponible la version en español desearia adquirirlos. Felicitaciones por tan magnifica iniciativa Osvaldo Rodriguez Icho Ryu Bernie Lau Asocioc Chile

  • Really great application. The ability to slow down the action, reverse the moves and slow down the action make learning and teaching the techniques much easier.
    Mike Tharp, Plano, Texas

  • Compliments for this great idea and technical realization. It will be a big help for those Aikidokas in more negleted areas of the world. I wander what O- Sensei would say about this: Im sure HE would be very pleased
    adolfo braga 5° DAN Dojocho, Città di Castello (PG), Italy


  • Awesome! and very interesting product.
    KazuoToyoda, Tokyo, Japan

  • Just wondering if there are videos for different ukemi techniques. Thanks guys! Amazing app!! --- Aikido3D: Ukemi is coming in Volume Two!
    CK, Orlando, USA

  • RAI O
    anderson almeida coelho, BELO HORIZONTE, SENSEI ALEXANDRE

  • Great training tool! I am looking forward to see the Chinese translation in this software :D
    Guo Liang, Beijing, China

  • Great Job!!. Best regards. Coach Joan Franco.
    Joan Franco, Barcelona, Spain

  • Very impressive, gives another perspective and dimension to training aids.
    Abi Moriya, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • A great reference tool for learning and improving techniques. Fun and easy to use. Thank you
    Alfonso Alarcon, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

  • Es sumamente util lo que en motricidad se le llama "ajuste fino", el detalle minino de cada movimiento hecho por un Shihan y el poder analizarlo en tanto detalle.
    Jorge Genoud, Capital Federal, Argentina

  • I really enjoy your 2.0 product it is very organized and just plain fun and interesting to experiment with and explore different techniques. The program works great, very smooth application. As far as just a few suggestions: It would be nice to be able to copy and paste under the notes section. Also the ability to save some web addresses, ie., in notes section, (at least with copy and paste) so you can maybe reference other youtube videos which might show similar techniques for personal reference.
    Blair Presson, Jackson, United States


  • Although not a replacement for Sensei, its a very effective tool to reference when preparing for a test.
    B.O.B., white plains, United States

  • Its said you can't teach an 'old dog' new tricks. We'll I'm living proof that Aikido3D most surely can help the learning process. I've been practicing Aikido for a little over a year. After a practice is over and my 20 mile drive home everything I have been shown for the past 2 hrs is all but gone. Footwork and hand placement- forget it. That's when I crank up my new Aikido3D 2.0 and have all the time in the world to run it back through my mind for re processing Thanks Aikido3D . CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE FUTURE
    James King, Elmira, NY, US

  • Este vídeo me incentivou muito a continuar nas aulas de Aikido. Perfeito!!!
    Consuello da Silva, Batatais, Brasil

  • Just amazing! We can calmly review the techniques at home after training in the dojo. A must have.
    José Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  • great software, highly impressed.
    Lara Hanyaloglu, istanbul, Türkiye

  • I am 53 now and have been practicing Aikido since i was taught at the age of 15 (Okinawa Japan.) Aikido3D is by far the BEST product out on the market. Their dedication to quality along with clear explanations-toppled with exceptional customer support makes this product the BEST value for your money. Thanks guys for your dedication-your product makes a big difference. Sincerely Dr. Doe
    Paul Doe, Fuzhou City, China

  • Magnifique travail ! J'appréciais déjà le suivi des pieds dans la 1ière version, mais que dire alors du suivi des mains à présent dans la 2ième version ... Bravo également pour les modules "armes" ! Un splendide outil complémentaire aux cours :-)
    Alain Calomme, Grez-Doiceau, Belgique

  • I'm a new student. love it. best software for learning!!! Thanks!
    Miguel, Caguas, Puerto Rico

  • Awesome application, I'm missing the really basics from aikido, thinking you should add a module with all footwork movement names, and warmups in a way to learn Japanese and the basics before 5th kyu. Other than that awesome from 5th kyu onwards.
    Marcelo, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Imprescindible. Tanto como la práctica y la bibliografía. Una joya del software al servicio de los apasionados del Aikido.
    Pablo, Varela, Argentina

  • Terrific!!! Amazing. Well, it's a very helpful for beginners, but it's useful for everybody, and the support is the best: efficient and very fast! Congratulations, and maybe the spirit of Aikido stay with you. Forever.
    Carmelo Marino, Macapá, Brasil

  • Very good,I am an old aikido man I have been training over 40 years and I wish we had these products in my time. Good stuff and hope it will keep the spirit of aikido forever.
    raymond collet, rounstone co galway, Ireland

  • Just bought it and it is a fantastic thing to go hand in hand with my training, my friend also bought it so now we can study what we are going to do before we do some extra training :) PS: In life some things are worth investing in and I am happy to say Aikido3D is one of them.
    Will, Manchester, UK

  • If Aikido3D One was impressive the upgrade plus Aikido3D Weapons make it SUPERB! Thanks Guys it's awesome and so is your support service!
    Robbert Jack Droop, Hoogerheide, Netherlands

  • Not only is Aikido3D version 2 the best training resource I have ever come across, it has to be said that the service and response to any queries I had was fabulous. Thank you Aikido3D!
    Andy Zarins, Candelo, Australia

  • Dear, You have a perfect support team :)
    Rytis Valentelis, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • I downloaded the programs and got them registered. They're really beautiful, amazingly complete, and are very user-friendly! Congratulations on your excellent work!
    Tomothy Tikker, Wilmington, DE, United States

  • Great stuff and an improvement over the first version. Please deliver for iPad/Android ASAP!!
    John Honeyman, Tokyo, Japan

  • Aikido 3D looks great. The original version was outstanding and this one is even better!
    Jeff, New York, USA

  • Very impressive! Can't wait to see what they come up with next...iPad...Kinect? Thanks!
    M.F., Kirkland, USA

  • A perfect complement for the work on the dojo! The technical help is great also if you need some. Higly recommended.
    Jorge Cancela, Lisboa, Portugal

  • The second version of Aikido 3D is terrific - a huge improvement from the 1st version. I can only imagine the time and effort that went in to making this. Equally important - As was the case when I purchased the first version, the support I received whilst and after purchasing the second version was first class. I'm not sure who is responding to queries to the support email address - but you are doing a great job!
    O.B., Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • I would highly recommend this Aikido 3D software . Even just the little things you pick up are huge. All the little shortcuts just seem to soak in. The very best virtual tool available for Aikido practitioners. Thank you......!!
    Waka Nathan Hurihanganui, Auckland , New Zealand

  • I recently purchased the Volume One upgrade for Aidido3D. This is truly an awesome product and stunning's like being in the Sensei's dojo.
    Seith J. Schentzel, Allentown, PA, USA

  • Congratulations on this new version. Excellent work. Great enhancements and new features from V1.x which I've been using for several years now. Can't wait to see what's in the Volume Two. Thank you!!
    Leo, Sydney, Australia

  • I lost a lot of sleep going through all the aikido and aiki weapons last night - after ordering online. Excellent renditions of very complex actions - something that is difficult to put into words but immediately clear when seen in action. Aikido is experiential - seeing techniques done in the correct form translates into doing techniques in the correct form. That is, in fact, how aikido is taught. Aikido3D takes visual demonstration out of the dojo and makes it available anywhere, anytime. Well done!
    Sam Norris, Pittsburgh, United States

  • I have found the program to be highly intuitive. Graphics are superb! AIKIDO3D is for the novice and expert alike. The weapons module integrates seamlessly with the main program. I love this tool. Thank you!
    Patrick Hobbs, Salem, United States

  • Great training aid.
    Tim, Pennsylvania, USA

  • I'm enjoying your product. I have a test coming up next month for my first belt and this is very helpful in assisting me to recognize the techniques and what they are called. This is a great aide I'm so glad I found this.
    Sean R. Grant, Kirkland, WA, United States

  • Upgraded from version 1 and the only think I can say: Even better!!! You surprised me again. Now looking forward for your volume 2. Thanks a lot guys:-)
    Leif Mikkelsen, Åstorp, Sweden

  • ¡Esta versión es increible!; más no se puede pedir. Para la práctica habitual de Aikido, es un suplemento magnífico para el aprendizaje. También tengo muchas ganas de que salga la versión en español. ¡Muchas gracias por el programa!.
    Jesus , Granada, España

  • I have the first version of Aikido3D and recently purchased the updated version. I am very happy with the product. The customer service is excellent too!
    John W Dudzinski, Newark, USA

  • WoW! Helped me be a better sensei to our students, the program helped me explain the teachings. Thank You!!!
    Scotty Rais, Sterling Heights, MI, (Metro Detroit area), U.S.A.

  • This new version is awesome!
    Jorge Rodriguez , Miami, USA

  • There is a word that can best describe the newer version of Aikido 3D version2.0, awesome!
    Larry Hansard, Topeka Kansas, U.S.A.

  • It's looking very good and the presentation is very helpful,a very well thought-out program. Finally, I recommend this to anyone.
    atilla aikiki (inan), istanbul, Turkey

  • Excellent teaching software
    Tomasz Skaba, Walbrzych, Poland

  • Very nice program, helped me a lot to learn the names of techniques. Great and quick support as well after I moved to Mac OS Lion. Humble suggestion: I for one would buy this software again if it came out on iOS. Thank you very much!
    Dennis Kanbier, Almere, Netherlands

  • Great piece of software. Definitely worthwhile getting as help with grades and to learn moves that you are stuck with. I will definitely recommend to friends. Well done to the aikido3d team.

  • What an incredible and wonderful tool to learn aikido. Thanks again for your patience and assistance. I am looking forward for the next DVD if you make another one.
    Georges Gaj, ST SEVER, France

  • Aikido 3D is very helpful for visualizing and learning the various Aikido techniques, particularly in preparation for testing. And your support is outstanding. Thank you very much!
    Robert Arenz, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

  • Awesome program. Helps to study the techniques when home. Very nice way to improve training!
    Guilherme de Souza, Curitiba, Brazil

  • Your after sales service/support is fantastic. Your product is amazing. We were very lucky to have found it.
    Tristan Moore-Wood, Katoomba, Australia

  • Aikido 3D is a great software, it is very easy to learn the movements using its features. We can see all the steps from many angles and this is extremely helpful. Thank you for an amazing software.
    Rubens Queiroz de Almeida, Jaguariúna, São Paulo, Brazil

  • After 35 years in martial arts, especially different styles of Aikido, this program is great for my teaching and helping students understand. Bill Grimmer NiDan

  • A perfect method which helps us to admire techniques many times, as they were totally real! Domo arigato gozai masu ! Tesekkur ederim (in turkish)
    Osman Yarsuvat, Louvain la neuve, Belgique


  • Perfect!!! Amazing software!
    James, London, UK

  • Awesome software!!! I've been studying a while and I still can't get over how helpful this is.
    Stephen Maher, Brattleboro, Vermont, United States

  • Very well done. Excellent service and support, fantastic product, great price. I'll be recommending it, no reservations.
    Mark, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

  • Thanks! Best Software support I have ever experienced! Domo arigato gozaimashita
    Steven A. Norwood, Louisville, Colorado, USA

  • It's a great product. I'm sure it's going to speed up my progress in class and it's 10 times better than trying to review a technique on a video.
    Todd, Pennsylvania, USA

  • I have two children that have just started Aikido and thought this program might be useful for them. After downloading it, I was pleasantly surprised how easily and quickly my 9 year old and 11 year old have worked their way round the program with very little help from myself. Its a brilliant program well thought out and definitely going to be well used. On top of this the support I have received from the Aikido3D team was faultless. Thanks for designing such a clever program. I would not hesitate in recommending to any level of person practicing Aikido.
    Adrian Hemming, Oldbury, United Kingdom

  • Great work. Looking forward to any upgrades for dan requirements, jo and two attacker techniques. Keep up the good work.
    Jeffrey Gonz, Hallstead, PA, USA

  • I have been studying & teaching Aikido for 25 years, and have created many resources to help the modern student. But this is simply the best so far, and is technology based. Thank you for creating such an excellent resource for all Aikidoka, this product has added a valuable collation of techniques for the students (and Yudansha), all-the-while enhancing knowledge, skills, experiences and other attributes. Last year I created a range of resources using high-speed motion cameras, but I believe Aikido 3D, is the better resource by far. Well done to the design team and Donovan Waite Shihan Sensei. We applaud you and thank you sincerely for such an excellent and affordable resource.
    Greg waters, Hamilton, Waikato District, New Zealand

  • Supporting reflection between classes - an excellent piece of software.
    Jonas Voersaa, Vejle, Denmark

  • I think your software is excellent. Well done! I am really glad I bought it. Thank you so much for making it.
    Nikolay Tontchev, Bern, Switzerland

  • Excellent product.
    M. Kececi, Alpharetta, GA, USA

  • Perfect.
    özgür siraay, izmir, Türkiye

  • Excelente! É a única palavra que encontro para dizer desse software, nível, qualidade, sequencia... tudo muito perfeito, acredito que muito útil para todos os níveis.
    Geraldo Campos Neto, Londrina, Brasil

  • I really enjoy your dvd, once I got to really watch it.I am sure that it will greatly help myself and my students. Hope to have something on ukemis soon I certainly will recommend it to my students and friends in the Martial Arts. Well done.
    Louis-Paul Savoie, Ste-Marie-St-Raphael, Canada

  • Excellent Product!!! It will really assist me with my Koshi Nage.
    Bill B, Modesto, USA

  • I have been a member of Aikido Seikikai for seven years and just recently started in Aikido Aikikai. I wish I had this product seven years ago when I first started because I have terrible memory problems, plus my thought processes get messed up a bit, to put it simply. It helps tremendously to be able to see every step in three dimensions from the top, front, and rear and to have control over every step. The other plus is to be able to remove the hakamas to see the footwork. Terrific study aid! Thank you! My previous instructor would say, "No excuses." With this product to help me study, I certainly don't have any, anymore! Thanks again.
    Fernando Laxamana, Jr., Oak Harbor and Seattle, United States of America

    İLHAN YALIN, Istanbul, Beylikdüzü

  • This excellent product helps analyze and understand the aikido techniques for all Kyu as well as Dan levels.. Congratulations!
    Yigit Akcali, Kayseri, Turkey

  • Seeing how the spiral of Ki interacts within the movement adds a completely different perspective. A great program that will aid any level
    Ollie Miles, Adelaide, Australia

  • Excellent product. It really helps analyze and understand the techniques. Thank you very much and keep the hard work.
    Omar Ennaifar, Montreal, Canada

  • Great program, really helped me with my kyu grades
    melanie van der elsen, kessel, netherlands

  • A very good program for Kyu as well Dan aikidoka. Great help to study the movements that you saw in the dojo.
    Erik De Mets, Ghent, Belgium


  • an excellent interactive program for studying the right aikido-movement. A great help for any Aikidoka. For all Kyu- as well as Dan-Levels. I still hope, there will be the time to create a part two Aikido-3D for higher levels of aikido-training including Jo and sword-techniques.
    Albert Stevens, Duesseldorf, Germany

  • A genuinely innovative, educational and enjoyable learning experience. Far more interactive, cost-effective and watchable than any other aikido learning offering I have seen in the marketplace globally. The support team is also very kind and patient in answering questions post-purchase which is a real bonus. A great product and totally portable. I made the right choice when buying this product.
    Scott Watson, Halifax, United Kingdom

  • Outstanding program for review of techniques learned in the dojo. Being able to see the technique from multiple angles, in slow motion, with or without dialogue, is amazing and greatly reinforces what you have learned. As a review prior to belt testing it is unequalled.
    Bob Gray, Prescott, AZ, USA

  • Excelente Trabajo, una excelente herramienta de referencia y estudio detallado de las tecnicas....
    William Rebolone, San Salvador, El Salvador

  • magnifico,finalmente qualcosa di serio e istruttivo
    mauro, catania, italy

  • Excellent program for all Kyu as well as Dan levels. A great enhancement to any Aikidoka. I recommend this program to all my students-Job Well Done!
    Billy Brooks Sensei, Memphis, USA

  • Aikido3d is a digital dojo itself. For the beginners it is an excellent product.
    Mehmed Ali Caliskan, Istanbul, Turkiye

  • Excelente, para iniciados assim como para avançados, com um rigor tecnico, perfeito.
    Fernando Monteiro, Alfena, Portugal

  • This product exceeds all the expectations I had. I will be recommending this product to everyone in my classes. thank you for taking the time to create this.
    Gary Scarpino, Omaha, United States

  • Excellent software, it helps me with my training a lot. When I dont understand something I go to Aikido 3D and case resolved.
    Robert, Rio Grande , Puerto Rico

  • Muy buen programa, para poder estudiar no solo en el dojo sino que en tambien en mi casa.
    Joaquín Osimani, Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Excellent product ... very helpful when one of my students is having problems understanding a technique....
    Chris Gillespie, Montreal, Canada

  • This is an excellent addition to complete training.
    Daniel Wander, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  • A excellent help for the beginners and a powerfull tools for advanced aikidokas
    Angelo Rubio, Santiago, Chile

  • estou realmente admirado com este fantástico programa, é genial
    Emanuel Jorge , Saquarema, Brazil

  • A superb product. Great for test prep and visualization.
    Hank Jacobs, Los Angeles, USA

  • Excellent addition to a training regiment. Should be broadcast on a large screen plasma right in the dojo. Just one more way to make sure that the information passed on to each student is correct and accurate. Great Job.
    Bret Stacy, Norman, U.S.A

  • I can't believe this wasn't done years ago... Simply genius!! Like having a virtual dojo on my laptop
    Jeremy Hughel, Dayton, Ohio, usa

  • This is a amazing program. It helps with my currant training tremenduisly thank you.
    Andy Weber, South Euclid , USA

  • fantastic!, thanks so much for making this, it is very useful,
    Andi muhammad iqbal, Makassar, Indoenesia

  • Great job. Wonderful study guide, no doubt about it, every time I watch I find something new to fix on myself.
    Tim Nelson, Rockville, USA

  • A great tool for beginners, especially those who need to develop the practice of deliberate and thoughtful observation of motion. I would love to see the addition of various (solo) ukemi techniques as the concepts of sphericity and maintenance of the center are often best illustrated in their execution. Keep up the great work!
    Jerry Knapp, Milwaukee, U.S.

  • ES muy bueno... muy claro y muy entretenido. Congratulations you made a very good job.
    Leonardo, Quilmes, Argentina

  • This is simply beautiful
    mattia mattoni, florence, italy

  • This is an excellent suppliment to Dojo training.
    Tim Costanzo, Aikado Omaha, Omaha Nebraska, USA

  • This is an amazing piece of software. An excellent revision tool, an absolute MUST for anyone studying aikido.
    James King, Cleethorpes, Cleethorpes Aikido Club, England

    Paulo Cesar Chemello, Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Excellent video. Very good graphics and detailed moves. I recommend it to anyone interested in Aikido.
    Tony DAlessandro, New York City, NY, USA

  • I love this CD. It has made learning aikido easier because I am a visual learner.
    Carol A. Kemp, Seattle, WA, USA

  • An amazing bit of software, a fantastic training tool, I am going to advise everyone I know to buy it, and I know many other arts who want this for them, a que of arts is starting for this kind of treatment. Yes bo and jo would be nice and shodan level along with a button for migi and hidari to change the technique from left to right and vice versa would also be nice.
    Fantastic though and I am sure it will get better.
    Darren carmichael, London, England

  • This is such a great supplement to my current training!
    Thanks so much for making this!
    JP Baritugo, Alexandria, USA

    Mizha, Las Palmas, Spain

  • This software is great, it breaks down the techniques and has mulitple views.
    I am waiting for the weapons, and kick version of the software.
    Pete, Redlands,Redlands Aikikai, USA

  • espectacular.
    juan m funes, cba, sakanashi dojo, Argentina

  • Excellent and useful tool! Put together and designed very well. Great to supplement what is learned in the dojo for all levels. I especially enjoy control over speed, angles and zooming. Great job! Highly recommended.
    I previously studied TKD-may even get the TKD 3D since I've been so impressed with Aikido 3D.
    Thank you for the time you have put forth in developing Aikido 3D!!!
    John Okemah, Mukilteo, WA, USA

  • absolutely top notch. learnt so very mush from this software.just wish they had an add-on for the weaponry i.e. jo and bokken suburi and defences against weapons but nonetheless still well worth it.
    Julian Twigden, Birmingham, England

  • This is a fantastic piece of software and like many others it would be fantastic if jo and bokken training could be included.
    Well worth the money for any level of training.
    Ronnie Stuart, falkirk, Scotland

  • This is truly a magnificent accomplishment! An awesome tribute to all practitioners of the Art. Beautiful composition and graceful executions...Priceless. Kudos and Cheers!!
    Antonio Pardo, TORA AIKIDO, Brampton, CANADA

  • Exelente program se aprecian muy bien las tecnicas magnifico!!!
    Gustavo, mendoza, Dojo central mendoza, Argentina

  • What can i say? It`s amazing.
    Thanks for a fast service
    I just past the test succesfully for the 2th kyu.
    And I am sure the aikido 3D will succesfully help me in my training program.
    Thanks...... anas
    anas salah, Tripoli, Libya

  • Thanks, this program is very useful and easy to learn. Please expand to other program, like as bokken training.
    Mahir Syarifuddin, Tangerang, Indonesia

  • The ability to view each technique from different angles, stop, rewind, watch it again noting center, hand positioning, and foot work really lets you take in this technical and beautiful Martial Art. A must for anyone like myself who really likes to study. Well worth the money.
    Ken Luckett, ACE Aikido, Los Angeles, USA

  • This is an excellent visul training material for any student of aikido...all the basic kamiwaza & nagewaza are shown...a perfect training guide for aikido instructors as well.
    Felix Yecla, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

  • A very good program, will aid anyone in Aikido with their training. Would love to see some weapons training ones like sword and Jo hopefully they are on the way ?
    Tony, Andover, UK


  • A great way to train!
    julio cesar ramos, mexico city, Mexico

  • Aikido 3d Rocks!!! I really hope you guys will release ASAP a Judo3d (kata, newaza and tachi waza) edition.
    Andrea Monti, Pescara, Italy

  • Great stuff. I just ordered it and tested it the whole night. It is the best tool to learn the techinques the right way after the dojo-training.
    I love it. It is worth the money.
    Waikiki, Brabant,Netherlands


  • Dynamite. Engineering design, structure, ingenuity...all well elaborated and meticulously orchestrated. It helped melt away my questions and doubts about techniques and physical movements.
    Matsuro Manabe, Tokyo, Japan

  • Very good video, I am a beginner at Aikido, I am sure this will help a lot.
    I had a problem with downloading because I am not that handy -
    The support I received was outstanding. Thank you Shai.
    Ad Daris, Bergeijk, Holland

  • I went into the program and it is a great training aid not only for the techniques but also for the names. I went to college in Tokyo 36 years ago and studied the language but have forgotten alot of it due to lack of use and your program helps bring back the vocabulary.
    Thanks to all who put this together.
    It is an invaluabe tool for the Aikidoka.
    Kerner Breaux, CA, USA

  • I find the Aikido3D training aid program highly intuitive.
    Amazing. I love it!
    Andy Brooks, Elgin, UK

  • muy interesante, felicidades por su trabajo!
    Bernardo Cruz, Aikikai Oaxaca, Oaxaca,Oax, Mexico

  • Great! really enjoy it and it also made a great gift.
    Patrick Killian, Oakdale Aikido Club, Newport, South Wales

  • I think this program is excellent product and great tool for any student.
    Fanis, A.S.ATLAS, Athens, Greece

  • Molto interessante!
    Ivano Rodolfi, desenzano, Italia

  • AWESOME!!! is amazing great job guys!
    Emerson, Aikikai De Colombia, Bogota, Colombia

  • What can i say? It`s amazing.
    Thanks for a fast service and delivery.
    I just past the test succesfully for the 4th kyu.
    And I am sure the aikido 3D will succesfully help me in my training program.
    René Bouman, Enschede, Netherlands

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    Joshua, Lindsay, OK, USA

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    Still,thanks for developing this tool!!! And its the best software for trainnig I had heard about!!
    Dimitrios Thessaloniki, Greece

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    Diego, Seiki Dojo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Ken Van Allen, Huntersville, n.c., USA

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    Jesus A. Delgado, Miami, FL, USA

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    Best wishes for the commercial success of Aikido 3D,
    JD, Aikido of Southern CT, CT, USA

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    Eagerly awaiting the next release.
    Paul K, Croydon Surrey, UK

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    Torben Krarup, Roskilde, Denmark

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    I have just registered without any problem and watched the first tenchi-nage moves, amazing! I am surprised by how clear the moves are demonstrated.
    I look forward to using the software after every training sesion to review what we've done that day.
    Thanks again for the service (even on a saturday), have a nice Sunday....
    I know I will.
    Martijn Koenders, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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    Nitesh Shah, Mumbai, India

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    John, Queensland, Australia

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    The ability to study the movements of both uke and nage from different angles, follow their centers, and trace their footwork while listening to running commentary is very helpful. I like to take notes on the tips given in class or at seminars, and you even provide a place in your program for me to do that. You maximized what can be done with current, affordable technology;
    I am really looking forward to future versions. Congratulations for making Aikido more accessible to slow learners like me!
    August J. Valenti, MD, Aikido of Maine, Maine, USA

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    Glenn McDougall, Tokyo, Japan

  • I wouldnt recommend it on early starters, but if you know the basics (ex the correct grab on kotegaeshi, nikkyo, etc) just buy it!
    It will help you gain a major improvent on your techniques movement.
    As for the mailing support its just perfect. I bought a new pc & gave me another code & when i put vista i had problem with registration code, immediately i received (uppon request) an email with patch-reg code.
    Highly recommened. First buy this and after that check on videos & books.
    Spyros Konst, Athens, Greece

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    Pedro Ortiz, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, U

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    Richard Miller, Snohomish, WA, USA

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    Thank You - David Dye Sensei.
    David Dye Sensei, Shuyokan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA

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    Thanks again Ted.
    Ted Goehring, Rosendale, NY, USA

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    Reuven Dichter, Kokikai Israel Igal Dojo, K. Motzkin, Israel

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    Ray Carroll, Toledo, Ohio, USA

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    I would love to see Jo and more tanto moves.
    David Rosenthal , Kaze Nami Aikido, Boynton Beach, USA

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    Richard DAVY, Cottingham, United Kingdom

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    Hector Pagan,Aikido of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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    ideal este AIKIDO3D, para todos os que se interessam pelo Aikido, alunos e professores. A utilização é simples e intuitiva, com diversas opções, desde a possiblidade de visualizar a técnicas em camâra lenta passando pelo movimento dos pés, até á sinalização da centralização . Fiquei absolutamentamente "rendido" e irá certamente ajudar-me na compreensão desta espectacular arte marcial que é o Aikido.
    João Portela, Oeiras, Potugal

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    Jesús Medina Molina, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    more facinated with the application of aikido.
    Your 3D version of movements help understand better and give me me a precision moves to the technique. I wish you willalso make a 3D for the appliction of the Jo and the kata. I can add more but for now, I live it us that.
    PETE A. DEJESUS, Clearwater, FL, USA

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    Well done - keep developing this superb tool - and get it out here!
    Karin, Crawley Aikido Club , Crawley, West Sussex, England

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    Chase Hoffman, Shin-Ryu Aikido, Reston, Virginia, USA

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    Herbert MacDonald, Cumming GA, USA

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    Sami C., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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    Nick Meishokan, Saffron Walden, UK

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    Noob, Espoo, Finland

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    Bradley Crain, Palmdale, USA

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    Paul Williams, wem judo club shropshire, UK

  • "Fantástico, genial y muy, muy, muy trabajado. Imprescindible para "seguir entrenando" delante del ordenador. La pena es que no haya opciones de idiomas (español en este caso). Servicio estupendo: a la semana de pedirlo, lo recibí en casa. Un acierto la opción de poder eliminar las hakamas cuando te interesa ver el movimiento con los pies, al igual que el poder ver cualquier técnica desde cualquier punto de vista. ENHORABUENA por un trabajo tan bien estructurado y realizado!!!"
    Carlos, La
    , Spain

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    Mark Dolby, Hull, Zenshinkokoro Aikido, England

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    Marc Seguin, Yoseikan Aikido School of Gatineau, Gatineau, Canad

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    Tom Greenwood, Kenshinkai, Portsmouth, England

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    Christopher Raywood, NJ, USA

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    Pascal Teerink, Abucen, Hoog-Keppel, Netherlands

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    Prof. Jack Holt, Burnley, England

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    Then I realized I can sharpen my basic moves/techniques and add the variation of Tenshin Aikido to it.
    Awesome job on this guys!
    Blake Newman, Tenshin Bugei Gakuen, Orlando, USA

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    Next best thing to having Sensei Donovan instructing you personally.
    A must for every Aikidoka.
    District Judge Vijay Sehdev, Birmingham, England

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    Ivano Menicucci, Shinkokyu Aikido Dojo, Roma, Italy

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    Robert Fortune, Denver, CO, USA

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    Bruce Walters, Harrison Kokikai Aikido, Harrison, USA

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    Jon Stokoe, The CUA Aikido Union, Newcastle, England

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    Edward Rodriguez, AikiBudo Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you.
    Paul Levestam, Aikido Yuishinkai Bentleigh, Melbourne, Australia

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    Thanks for making this fabulous product!!!!!
    Nick Goh, Paya Lebar Kovan CC Dojo (Aikido Shinju-kai), Singapor

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    Top marks and thanks again.
    Darryl Elvy, Lenham, United Kingdom

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    Thiago Fonseca, Senshin Dojo, Campinas, Brazil

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    David Roberts, go dojo judo , Widnes, England

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    Juergen Holdinghausen, Tomodachi Dojo, Siegen, Germany

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    Everyone can use it as an aid to improve on the mat training.
    If your thinking of buying this, wait no longer.

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    Béatrice Dhondt, Saint-Agatha, Belgium

  • Excellent product. Very useful as an augmentation to my training. Repeat playing of a teachnique allows me to better understand the relationship of various body parts to each other, throughout the technique. Thank you for this fine software.
    Jerry Jaquinta, Aikido Academy of Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL, US

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    Robert Kravetz, Aikido in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

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    Larry Hansard, Topeka, Kansas, USA

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    Tony Evangelou, London Aikido Dojo, London, United Kingdom

  • If you have bought training dvds you can trash most of them right away.
    I have a lot of them (aikido and judo) and none of them has the instructional value of this one. Don´t waste your money on much more expensive dvds, this software does the job and excells at it. From the first hours of study I realized what I had been tought wrong (or I had learnt wrong, either way), so as a tool it has proven invaluable. Nevertheless I would have loved that it had covered history (with images), proper outfit, Dojo etiquette, ukemi, bokken, etc. A kids version with manga characters would be a great idea to introduce them to this martial art world..
    Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero, Budo UNAM, Mexico

  • I love the idea of having a Shihan ready to perform a tecnique on command, and of being able to analyse it in a time that is comfortable to myself.
    I am looking forward to seeing future editions.
    Fast delivery! Exellent content! Brilliant idea! It deserves to be a hit.
    Clint Johnson, Spalding Aikido (IOA), Spalding, England

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    Congratulations for all that works on the is a great job!!!
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    M Biasiotto, 5th degree Kenpo Black Belt and Aikidoist.
    Maria Biasiotto, Musubi Dojo, Caliente/Bakersfield, CA, USA

  • As a beginner, this is a godsend. it is particularly useful for memorizing the names, and knowing what they mean. By watching related techniques one after another, the common threads begin to reveal themselves. excellent review after each class. I have found no other resource like this for any martial art. you guys may have a hit on your hands!
    Christopher Collins, Albany Aikikai, Albany, NY, USA

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    Claudio Rosa , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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    Wallace, IA, USA


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    Steve Wood, Exeter Aikido, England

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    Thinking about buying this program? Its well worth it!
    Ray Hardy, Staffordshire, UK

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    Rev.Adam Wm Reynolds, Niagra Falls, USA

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    Joseph Powell, Harrison, USA

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    Master Sergio,TAEKWONDO, 6th DAN
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    Tran Van Minh, VJCC Shudokan, Hanoi, Vietnam

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    well worth the money, and will be in invaluable aid to train with.
    There is absolutely no substitute for an acutal aikido studio, but this
    one comes pretty darn close!
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    C.P.J. Scheele, The Netherlands


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    It's simply FANTASTIC !!! Congratulations for this software, and thanks a lot to everyone that worked (and still works) on it.
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    This is a great reference for any aikidoka, at any level.
    Can't wait Aikido 3D II -Weapons.
    Andrew Barron, Calgary Aikikai, Calgary, Canada

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    Get one soon!!!
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    Michael Orr , Sunnyvale CA, USA

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    John Petty, Green River Aikido, Greenfield, MA, USA

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    Mathew , kyou-su , Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Chris Newsome, Kyushinkan Dojo - AAA , Atlanta, GA

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